2016 – York

4 June 2016
University of York

Conference organisers

Nik Gunn, Harriet Jean Evans and Tim Rowbotham (York)

Postgraduate speakers

Ryder Patzcuk-Russell (Birmingham) – ‘Latin–Old Norse Interaction and Medieval Linguistic Ideologies: The Evidence of Lárentius Saga

Katherine Whitehouse (Nottingham) – ‘The Viking Translation of Place in South Yorkshire Major Names’

Annika Christensen (Leeds) – ‘Seyðabrævið: Old Norse and the Language of the Faroe Islands’

Sophie Bønding (Aarhus) – ‘The Golden Past and the Glorious Future: N. F. S. Grundtvig’s Re-actualisation and Dissemination of Old Norse Mythology’

Anja Ute Blode (Köln) – ‘Første Danee konningh war Dan: The Transmission of a Legendary King in Old Danish Historiography’

Jonathan Hui (Cambridge) – ‘Manuscript Transmission in “The Matter of Gautland”‘

Tom Morcom (Durham) – ‘Passing on Stories in Good Faith: The Subversive Redaction of Gautreks saga

Keynote address

Heather O’Donoghue (Oxford) – ‘Writing Sagas in Victorian England: Stevenson, Haggard and Collingwood’s “Difficult Experiment”‘