2015 – Durham

13 June 2015
Durham University

Conference organiser

Alexander Wilson (Durham)

Postgraduate speakers

Caitlin Ellis (Cambridge) – ‘Political Constructions in Prose and Verse Accounts of Magnús berfœttr’

Annemari Ferreira (Oxford) – ‘Performing Presence: Speaking Power into Absence in an Itinerant Kingship’

Benjamin Allport (Cambridge) – ‘Icelandic Techniques of Time-Reckoning and Medieval Icelandic Concentric Identity’

Giles Knox (Durham) – ‘Anarchy at the Alþing: The Politics of Egill Skallagrímsson’

James Buckley (Cambridge) – ‘Inspiration and Inebriation: The Transformative Powers of Alcoholic and Magical Drinks in Old Norse Literature’

Heidi Stoner (York) – ‘Rough Stones: Sculpture in the Early Medieval Insular World’

Tom Spray (Durham) – ‘Hlíðarendi: A Victorian Nationalist Ideal’

Keynote address

Judith Jesch (Nottingham) – ‘Runes and Royals: Concepts of Kingship in Runic Inscriptions’