2013 – York

8 June 2013
King’s Manor, University of York

Postgraduate Speakers

Richard Exley (University of York), ‘The Orthographic Ideology of the First Grammatical Treatise: Tradition and Innovation’.

Elizaveta Mateeva (University of Nottingham), ‘Bears, berserkir and Rites of Initiation in Gesta Danorum and Hrólfs saga kraka’.

Florian Schreck (University of Freiburg), ‘Facts and Fiction: Latin Learning as a Guide to Fictionality?’.

Ben Allport (Háskóli Íslands), ‘Converting the Latin: Sin and Temptation in the Old Icelandic and Old English Virgin Martyr Legends’.

Harriet Evans (University of York), ‘Acting Blind: Biblical Parallels of Blindness in Hallfreðar saga vandrœðaskálds and Other Old Norse Sources’.

David Drysdale (University of Durham), ‘St. Magnús: Mediating the Martyr and Warrior in Orkneyinga Saga’.

Keynote Address

Dr Elizabeth Ashman Rowe (University of Cambridge), ‘The Latin Sources of the Icelandic Annals’.


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