2012 – Durham

29 April 2012
Lindisfarne Centre, Durham University

This page is currently incomplete; we apologise for any absences or inaccuracies. Any contributions to completing the lineup of speakers are welcome.

Conference organisers

David Varley, Nicola Lugosch, Betsie Cleworth and John Shafer

Postgraduate Speakers

Dale Kedwards (York)

Alexander Wilson (Durham) – ‘From Grendel to Grettir: Supernatural Connections in Sagas of Outlaws’

Edward Carlsson Browne (Aberdeen)

Lisbeth Torfing (Aarhus) – ‘To Give a Thing a Name is to Give it Life’

Helen Price (Leeds) – ‘What’s in a Name?: Cultural Constructions of Environment in Bárðar saga Snæfellsáss

Keynote Address

Martin Arnold (University of Hull): ‘Grímr up North: Odin in the Viking Colonies’


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