NORSE IN THE NORTH is a postgraduate-driven project designed to serve as a platform for demonstrating the strength and originality of Old Norse research in the North of England, centred around an annual interdisciplinary conference in Old Norse and Viking Studies.

The project is situated in the North-East of England – a part of the country that, perhaps more than any other, has been shaped and affected by Old Norse and Viking culture and history – and is held in partnership between the universities of Durham, York and Leeds, three institutions with world-class reputations for their tuition and research in this area. The inaugural conference was held with great success in Durham in 2012, and the location of the event is alternated every year between Durham, York and Leeds in that order.

The project is organised by postgraduate students from the hosting university, giving students an excellent opportunity to gain experience in organising academic events and making contacts with other leading institutions. The primary purpose of the project is to offer a platform to MA and PhD students from the region (and further afield) through which to present their research, to ensure that Old Norse studies continue to flourish in Northern England for years to come.

Our Facebook group fosters communication between postgraduate students working in Old Norse and Viking Studies across the North of England and further afield, and provides some form of continuity for the annual Norse in the North conference. Please feel free to use the group as a means of communicating with students at other universities about Old Norse-related issues, and to add anyone you think would be interested in participating in the group or attending the conference.


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