Old Norse and Viking Studies at Durham, Leeds and York

Welcome to the website for Norse in the North, the leading postgraduate forum for Old Norse and Viking Studies in north-east England.

The fifth annual Norse in the North postgraduate conference will take place at the University of York on 4th June 2016, and the programme is available here.

Please follow this link for information on Registration, and please note that the deadline for registration is 20th May 2o16.

This site is a source of information for all matters relating to the ongoing project and our annual conference; it is also our intention that in the coming years it will come to form an archive of research by postgraduates connected to Norse in the North.

You can find out more about the mission of the conference here, and information about past years here.

Our Facebook group is intended to help foster communication between postgraduate students working in Old Norse and Viking Studies across the north of England and further afield, and to provide some form of continuity for the annual Norse in the North conference, which alternates between the universities of Durham, York and Leeds.

Although the conference will not take place until June, please feel free to use the Facebook group as a means of communicating with students at other universities about Old Norse-related issues and to add anyone you think would be interested in participating in the group or attending the conference.

In the meantime, have a look around the website to find out more about us – and don’t forget to follow us so we can keep you updated with all of this year’s exciting developments!

– Nik Gunn, Harriet Jean Evans, and Tim Rowbotham

University of York


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